Domain settings

Each domain’s settings are managed at Domains -> {domain.tld} -> Settings.

NS Naming

Selects what names are used for this domain’s NS records. Hidden if no vanity names are available.

When adding a new domain, “best” selects the first vanity name with a matching TLD, if any, then falls back to the default vanity name.

For domains with automatic delegation management enabled, changing will trigger appropriate delegation updates. Otherwise, delegations will need to be updated manually.

Default TTL

Host records have the option of interiting a default TTL from the domain or setting their own TTL. This is that inherited TTL. Changing it will also change all host records that inherit it. It is also used for the SOA record.


When a subdomain on this domain is queried for but not found, that Non-eXistant record is permitted to be cached for up to this long. For most cases, 15 minutes is appropriate.


Tags help group or organize your domains, similar to how tags might be used for blog posts. They are visible via the UI and API only.


Notes may contain any free-form text related to this domain. They might be a reminder to yourself, information for your team, or anything else. They are visible whenever the domain is being managed. Example uses: responsible party, upcoming changes, what the domain is used for, etc.