Supported registrars

DNScaster may be used to provide DNS service for domains registered with nearly any registrar.

However, DNScaster has a couple of optional features that use a registrar’s API to perform automated updates on your behalf. As you might guess, this requires the registrar to have an API (not all do, even in 2024) and that we support that API (our goal is to support as many available APIs as possible).

Delegation updates

Automated delegation updates require registrar API support. Manual updates (the traditional way of doing it) are supported for all registrars and DNScaster will even show you the current delegation status to help identify what updates, if any, are needed.

Vanity names & glue record updates

Domains that are used as base domains for vanity names (ie: is used for require glue records. Because IP addresses on DNScaster can change on occasion (see the nameserver lifecycle), DNScaster requires vanity domains to enable automatic glue record updates which in turn requires registrar API support.

Because migration between DNS providers can be a sensitive operation for domains with production traffic, it is possible to perform the initial delegation and glue updates manually and to only enable automatic updates once everything is in place.

API-enabled registrars

  • DomainBurro
  • Gandi

Is your preferred registrar not listed? If they have an API, let us know. If they don’t have an API yet, ask them to add one.

As a reminder, except for domains used as vanity domains, everything else on DNScaster is fully supported on pretty much any registrar. For vanity names, consider moving just the vanity domain itself to a supported registrar (or registering a new vanity domain). All other domains may remain at your registrar of choice.


There’s a lot of nuance here. Questions about any of it? Please contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss your specific situation!